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The new sealing tester combines perfect technical and design. This vacuum tester up to -0.7 bar meets all requirements of a simple and modern sealing tester. The unit does not require additional expensive compressor.

Strong points

- Suitable for all types of watches, including small ceramic watches

- Depression generated by an internal pump

- Vacuum programmable up to -0.7 bar in steps of 0.1 bar

- Control time freely programmable up to 300 seconds

- Intuitive user interface and results display

On a 5 "color TFT touch screen (800 x 480 pixels)

- Printing results on a thermal printer

- Possibility of network connection via Ethernet and USB

Price €2,376.00

ProofMasterc PRO Witschi 10 Atm

The new generation ProofMaster – more compact, faster, more accurate. The latest technology and smart algorithms are part of its DNA. Based on many years of experience, a device has been designed that is characterised by the easiest possible operation and parameterisation. It impresses with rapid and reliable tightness testing, small space requirements, optimal protection of watches against scratching and its ergonomic design.

The new ProofMaster is adaptable. With modular option packages and accessories, the individual requirements of watchmakers, service centres, production facilities and laboratories are covered perfectly.

The ProofMaster can be used as a stand-alone device or in conjunction with the PC software
WiCoTRACE 3. This provides additional possibilities for the measurement analysis
and the professional administration of parameters and results, either locally or centrally

Price €5,650.00

PROOFMASTER CP integrated compressoré 5Bar


with air
preserve the watch

integrated compressor
up to 5 bar

8 smart
test programs

The ProofMaster CP does not need a compressed air supply thanks to its integrated compressor. Moreover, its smart test programmes, automatic test chamber and sensor actuation that all tightness tests can be carried out without a hitch. The ProofMaster’s high-performance testing algorithm delivers high precision and reliability.

A complete testing solution for boutiques and service: connect your ChronoMaster to the ProofMaster to analyse rate deviation, beat error and amplitude directly on your screen – and with the ChronoMaster Air, the process is wireless too. This enables you to deliver comprehensive watch testing with ease in both your shops and your service centres. The ProofMaster CP can work as a standalone device or it can be connected directly to a WiCoTRACE database. WiCoTRACE provides additional analysis and export features as well as professional local and central results management.

Price €4,690.00

ompresseur silencieux SILTEK PRO 14

Silent compressor SILTEK PRO 14

Piston air compressor • High pressure and silent air compressor • Designed for intensive use and working pressure up to 14 bars. LOW NOISE Air compressor ideal for professional use. Ultra-quiet 2HP compressor. technology without

Price €945.60