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Cleaning device & ultrasonic

Cleaning device & ultrasonic

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Ultrason Elma xtra TT 200H 18L

Description of the Elmasonic xtra TT: Elmasonic xtra TT ultrasonic devices are designed for application in production, workshops and service. Equipments such as the durably integrated "Sweep" function, the individual "Dynamic" function or the individually adjustable threshold temperature with LED warning light make it easy to clean the parts on a daily basis. All cleaning functions and settings, such as time and heat selection, must be set on the front panel, easy to use and always visible. With an ultrasonic power of 37 kHz, Elmasonic xtra TT devices are equipped for continuous use in case of extreme demands (high speed). The tanks are made of cavitation-resistant stainless steel, which makes the units extremely strong and durable. The guarantee is 3 years in case of service of 8 hours a day.

Price €2,220.00

Elmasonic XTRA ST 300H 30 L

Elmasonic xtra ST
xtra robust and xtra cleaning performance for heavy-duty applications
Mobile single-tank devices of 8 sizes

25/45 kHz multi-frequenz technology
for cleaning stubborn contaminations and sensitive surfaces with one device

Switchable Dynamic-, Pulse- and Sweep-functions for more ultrasonic performance

Long-lasting, robust devices with tanks made of special stainless steel

Easy and clear operation, protected against spraying water

Price €3,570.00


With its modern and secure design, the fully automatic cleaning
machine Horotec® VIBRATO has been developed for cleaning
movement components and any other small watch parts.
- Certified ATEX according to the European directive 2014/34
UE (ATEX 2014) in IIB T4 class
- Ensures maximum safety and allows the use of watchmakers
solvents such as rectified benzine
- Its conception with 6 baths (including 1 adjustable ultrasonic
tank) + forced air heating system offers unrivalled flexibility
and efficiency
- The only machine enabling watchmakers to use it for washing,
drying and epilame coating in 1 cycle.
The several possibilities of movements of the basket and the
speed adjustment from 1 up to 1200 rpm guarantee maximum
care and efficiency.
The drying process is optimized to avoid residues of “dry
The machine is equipped with a 7” touch-screen display to
manage all operations. Its intuitive and ergonomic presentation
allows an easy-to-use interface by the operator.
The wash programming, baths management and various configurations
are made directly on the touch-screen.
Ditto for the management of possible failures, which facilitates
the after-sales service on-site by the user himself.
A USB2 input allows implementing configurations and wash
programs remotely.
A rear exit is provided to connect the VIBRATO to an external
exhaust or an active carbon filter.
The machine is compatible with all existing baskets Ø 80 mm.

Price €30,927.84