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ONEOF Accuracy "Boutique...
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ONEOF Accuracy "Boutique...

•iOS 9 / Android 6 (and later)
•Integrated TCXO timebase
•Measurement precision: < +/- 0.1s/d
•Connector: USB-type C
•Dimensions: 95 x 95 x 20 mm
•Weight: 200g
•Anodized aluminum unibody
•Soft-touch pads on top and bottom
•2-year international warranty

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The HOROTEC® FLASHTEST is an advanced, multifunctional
and portable tester for analogue quartz watches
and movements.
This handy precision tester performs a variety of tests with
both closed and open watchcases on analogue quartz
Functions :
- Measure battery voltage from 0 to 19.99 V
- Measure battery voltage under load from 0 to 19.99V
- Measure impulses from quartz watches to determine if a
problem is electronic or mechanical
- Measure the continuity of the coil
- Measure the consumption of the electronic circuit to
determine whether or not it needs replacement
- Measure the consumption of the movement to determine
if there is any mechanical problem indicating the need for
cleaning or adjustment
- Measure the accuracy of the analogue quartz watches

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Microphone ONEOF Accuracy Pro
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Microphone ONEOF Accuracy Pro

Measurement Rate accuracy:
±1000 s/d
0.1 s/d
±0.1 s/d
Automatic detection of common beating frequencies: 7'200 to 72'000 b/h
Manual entry of any other custom values
Swiss anchor escapement (other escapements under development)
Windows Pro App:
Multi-sensors management for parallel measurement
Local or network database for results and measurement parameters
PDF and CSV exports
Tactile and responsive UI
Interface: USB type-C
USB cable type-C to type-A included
Dimensions: 120x140x170 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 960 g
Integration time: 2 s to 240 s
Stabilization time: 0 s to 60 s
Measurement time: 30 s to ‡
Warning display for out-of-range results
OS requirements:
Windows 10, release 1703 and later
Accuracy Pro is also compatible with iOS and Android ONEOF apps

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