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Proxxon 24256 serrated steel clamps

Steel notched clamps
These flanges come with the KT 70 set, but are also available separately. Delivered with 2 notched calluses, 2 flanges, threaded rods with nuts and slides for T-slot, for the MICROMOT standard. For parts up to 20 mm thick. This set also fits the PD 250 / E and PD 400 towers

Price €21.06

10-piece complete polishing set. Proxxon 28285

10-piece complete polishing set

For polishing metal, glass, precious metals, porcelain and plastic. Consisting of 3 felt polishing bits (cylinder, cone and wheel shapes), 3 silicon polishing bits (bullet, cylinder and disc shape), cotton polishing disc, chamois buffing wheel and polishing paste. Includes 2.35 x 44mm arbor.

Price €11.98

MICROMOT mains adapter NG 5/E

MICROMOT mains adapter NG 5/E

With superior capacity of 5A. In compact NORYL casing (heat resistant - recommended for transformers).

Variable speed control with feedback effect for optimum tool speed and high torque at low speeds. Three polarised sockets for MICROMOT machines. A pair of sockets for standard banana plugs (4mm diameter) is also supplied. Master switch for turning off the transformer without needing to unplug. Red LED indicates 'ready'. PTC (Positive temperature coefficient) protection against overload (plugged in machine will not restart automatically. After cooling down, the mains plug should briefly be unplugged to reset the adapter). With storage holes for tools with 2.35mm and 3mm shafts. Foldable tool rest for the MICROMOT tool.

Technical data:
230V. Supplies 5A at 16 Volt open circuit and 12 Volt under load. Weight 2,000g. Class 2 insulation

Price €71.01

High quality corundum grinding bits Proxxon 28776

High quality corundum grinding bits

Bits and sets of fine, high quality materials of consistent hardness. Various shapes for the widest possible range of applications. For grinding and chiselling hard materials such as cast iron, cast steel, malleable cast iron as well as hard metal alloys and refined steel. Accurately dimensioned shafts of Ø 2.35 or 3mm ensure maximum concentricity.

Grinding rule:
Soft materials = hard grinding bits; hard materials = soft grinding bits!

Price €2.32

Cross table KT 150 in cast aluminum Proxxon 20150

Cross table KT 150 in cast aluminum
die casting.
Precision milled dovetail grooves, suitable for
marvel at the work of steel.
For grooving, milling steel, non-ferrous metals, plastic and
wood. Each lane with fixing device. Replayable game guides.
Adjustment by 2 handles repositionable on 0.
1 turn = 2 mm in advance. 1 graduation = 0.05 mm in advance. Plan of
work milled flat. Three
continuous T-slots
according to the standard MICROMOT
(12 x 6 x 5 mm). A
stop with tolerances
prescribed (also for 45 °),
fixing screws and
nuts are included. Plan
working height 200 x 200 mm.
Max stroke 150 x 150
mm. Height 75 mm. Weight 4.9 kg. Flanges shown on the side
right are not included

Price €209.51

Set of milling cutters on reinforced metal rod Proxxon

Set of milling cutters on reinforced metal rod
With two spiral grooves and tapered tail (cutting to the center). To enter undrilled rooms. For the work of gray cast iron, malleable cast iron, steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum, glass, plastic and carbon fiber. One piece of each 1 - 2 and 3 mm. Diameter of stem 3 mm.

NO 27 116 3 pieces

End mills made of reinforced metal, separately
See the description above.

NO 28 758 Ø 1 mm
NO 28 759 Ø 2 mm
NO 28 761 Ø 3 mm

Price €19.10

Dividing attachment TA 250 24044

Dividing attachment TA 250
For accurate machining of circular work pieces (e.g. production of gear wheels). Supplied with two dividing discs (40 and 48 teeth), enabling standard divisions of 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 16 - 20 - 24 - 40 und 48. The taper of the dividing attachment is the same size as that of the main spindle of the PD 250/E lathe, thus 3 jaw chuck (NO 24 034) and 4 jaw chuck (NO 24 036) may be mounted. Horizontal fitting (e.g. on the cross-slide of the lathe) and vertical fitting (on the machine bed) are possible. With matching nuts and screws for fixation in MICROMOT standard T-slots (12 x 6 x 5mm). Supplied in a wooden box with sliding lid. The 3 jaw chuck depicted here is not included in the scope of delivery

Price €227.04

For metal, plastic, wood: HSS drill bits

Note: The term HSS for this tool category comes from the utilised drill material. High speed steel (HSS) is a high alloy tool steel extremely resistant to wear due to its manufacturing process and is dimensionally stable up to approx. 600°C. Cutting oil or coolant emulsion should be used as cooling lubricant, when machining steel. Spirits or petroleum should be used for aluminium. Normally, plastic and wood can be dry-machined.

HSS drill bits

Selected steel quality. Purpose-made stable construction with high concentricity. Shaft and bit are manufactured from a one-piece blank. High hardness for optimum life expectancy and elasticity. For drilling metal, non-ferrous metals, plastic, PC cards and wood. Work speeds: soft materials approx. 8,000rpm, hard materials approx. 3,000rpm. Ø shanks 2.35mm. Rotational speed see table.

Price €3.61

Brass brushes, cups and wheels 28961

Brass brushes, cups and wheels

Ideal for working on brass, brass alloys, copper, precious metals, semiprecious stones, plastic and wood. For cleaning of electronic components and circuit boards. Shaft of Ø 2.35mm.

Price €2.24