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Accessories Supports 6744-P

Dimensions: 53 x 53 x 26 mm.
Spaces to eject pins. To be used
with press No 7745-100, No 6745
and tooling No 6744.
No 6744-P Slots size: 2.2 - 2.6 - 3.0 -
3.4 -3.8 - 4.0 mm.

Price €10.40


For walking watches
- For self-winding.
Used mainly in vertical position.
New secure synthetic foam fastening.
Switch for direction reversal. For watches with or without wristband.
1 rpm.

Price €897.60

Assortment of 10 non-magnetic watchmaker's screwdrivers

Assortment of 10 non-magnetic watchmaker's screwdrivers
Reference : 31081-S10
Swiss made Top seller
Light and ergonomic
Anodized aluminum body
Ergonomic head made of POM synthetic material
self-lubricating (Ø 13 mm)
Conical non-magnetic blade in Declafor 1015, N° 8899-M
On rotating base
With 10 tubes of spare bladesThe new antimagnetic screwdriver range's tools combine technical quality and confort of use. The screwdrivers are provided with an elastomer membran which assures an ideal contact between the tool and the hand, while the octagonal head enhances the confort.

Price €546.46

Assortment of 30 cleats for lenses

12 reversible upper aluminum cleats. With diamond beveled edges, for single glasses and with tension ring Ø 15 - 44 mm.
9 base posts, domed. Black plastic with metal core. For single recessed lenses Ø 12 - 40 mm.
9 reversible aluminum base strips. For lenses with tension ring Ø 13 - 33 mm.
Supplied on stand.
Detail: see plate No 7009 C.
For use with the brackets No 5500

Price €436.80